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  • Short print runs
  • No origination costs
  • Photo quality print
  • Speed to market

Digital printing is the ability to print without the use of plates or other tooling process. It uses a proprietary printing process which is similar to the process used in laser printers, but with special electrostatically charged inks instead of toner, and without using a fuser, using instead a heated transfer roller to melt the charged ink particles before applying them to the substrate.


  • Very short print runs from as low as 100pcs
  • Mock up prints for new designs or launches
  • No origination costs
  • Photo quality print
  • Speed to market for new products launches
  • Recyclable films available


  • Very high ink cost due to specialist inks used
  • Long lead times due to slow print runs and limited number of presses (although these are improving over the years)
  • Limited print features i.e. varnishes / lacquers not available
  • Limited film widths available due to narrow print press'
  • Not suitable for medium-large print runs.
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