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  • Medium to Long print runs
  • Low origination costs
  • Short lead times
  • Recyclable films available

Flexo uses a light sensitive polymer to make a plate. Film negative is placed over the plate, which is exposed to ultra-violet light. The polymer hardens where light passes through the film and the remaining areas are washed off. Laser engraving can be used as an alternative to the above to the same effect.

The finished plates are taped / mounted onto a print sleeve or cylinder. Similar to Gravure, each plate, will represent a colour used.


  • Low setup costs
  • Low print costs for larger print runs
  • High speed printing up to 750 meters per minute
  • Print on virtually any substrate including recyclable and compostable films.
  • Shorter lead times when compared with Gravure or Digital
  • Perfect for basic print requirements i.e., linework or block colours
  • Low origination / plate costs


  • Short plate life due to wear and tear
  • Print quality / image detail lower resolution when compared with Gravure or Digital print
  • High cost for short print runs typically 500kg MOQ
  • Complicated setup increasing risk of inconsistency during print and print runs
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